Holy Cow, I’m online again!

Happy 2010!

Big Thanks to Neil deMause for setting me up on the wild wild web to once again ignore for months on end.  (No really, this time I really will keep in touch…..right!)

Thanks also to Melinda the Idea Girl and to Jessica Swope for their hard work to keep Barbara Manning on the web.

Maybe eventually I will even have things to report, but at this time I am swirling with nervousness about going solo again.  I have been taking any solo gig offered and a few have been really really strange.

I am delving into my old songs and learning power pop covers for an added thrill.  I want to be in a power pop band so I fugured I may as well start learning my favorites now and eventually the band will materialize.

I have this crazy idea to do a solo tour of the USA in summer of 2010 by only playing house parties.  So civilized, those house parties!  Any suggestions will be appreciated.  I need to find a partner to travel with, and a person to house sit my cats, so the tour is still just a figurative dream now.

I am kind of shy of this internet thing, as most of you know by now, so I will end this here and write when I finally have important things to announce.

RIP Vic Chestnut.

love Barbara


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